Announcing: THE RE/AL/IGN

A new video and audio series

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m starting a new video and audio podcast in November, called The Re/al/ign. The video included in this post is the intro for it.

Every month, one of the episodes will include a guest to discuss one or more of the core topics of the series contained within the title:

  • Returning to the real

  • Re-aligning with Nature

  • resisting the reign of Capital

There will be two episodes each month: the other will be a bit like the Druid Journal video series I filmed for several years, in which I speak more personally about theory, politics, history, and the sacred.

Most episodes will be released both in video and audio form, and paid subscribers of From The Forest of Arduinna will have full and immediate access to each one as it is released. Many will also be released later to the public through here, as well as through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other services.

There is now a dedicated podcast page for The Re/al/ign here on From The Forests of Arduinna. If you are already subscribed (as a free, paid, or founding subscriber) you’ll automatically get updates when new episodes are posted there.

Paid and founding subscribers will get to watch or listen to episodes as soon as they are released. Free subscribers will get access to most of them on about a two-week delay. If you’re not yet a paid supporter, you can still get a discount on a one-year subscription with the button below:

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Or if you want to become a monthly or founding supporter, or if you want to gift someone you really like their own subscription, you can do so below:

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