Re-Enchanting Your Life

Join me for my nine week course on Being Pagan

I wanted to let you all know that the nine week course I developed based upon my popular book, Being Pagan, begins 15 April, 2023.

I love teaching this course as much as I enjoyed writing the book. Each iteration of the course inspires me perhaps even as much as the participants seem to be inspired: I’m always amazed and humbled by how much more we all learn together about what we’ve lost and what we can be again.

For each of the chapters of the book, I create a 15-20 minute long video lecture about the topics, and then I host a chat discussion (along with two optional zoom meetings) about the material for the week. These are all designed to deepen understanding of what being Pagan, as opposed to believing in paganism, can look like in our modern, alienated, and dis-enchanted world.

Enrollment in the course is sliding-scale, and there are still spots available for this offering. To join, see this link and choose your preferred payment level.

Also, if you are a founding supporter of my writing here at From The Forests of Arduinna, you may also opt to take this course for free (email me that you would like this and I’ll get you set up!)

I’m excited to see you there for this course. Also, if you’re not quite certain you’d like to take it, consider listening to this really great discussion I had with Yasha and Evgenia, one of my favorite interview experiences ever. (They were kind enough to remove the paywall, so please consider subscribing to them while there!)

And again, here’s the link for the course enrollment.

Much love!


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From The Forests of Arduinna
From The Forests of Arduinna
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