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The Re/al/ign 05: With Alley Valkyrie

On Land Loss and Reconnection

(Listen to the audio version here, or on Spotify, or anywhere else you listen to podcasts).

In this fifth episode of The Re/al/ign, I spoke with Alley Valkyrie. Alley will be quite familiar to those who’ve heard the previous podcast we did together, Empires Crumble.

In addition to being a brilliant artist, writer, animist, and cultural observer, Alley has devoted staggering amounts of time and thought into the subject of land relations. Her knowledge of the history of the commons and the increasing enclosures — from the land seizures in Spain which funded colonialism to the current acceleration of this process now — is particularly astounding.

She teaches a course on the subject, also. The next iteration of it begins 25 March, 2023, and enrolment is sliding scale.

Normally, audio and video versions of The Re/al/ign are paywalled for a time, but because our conversation is quite relevant to the book club I’m hosting on Silvia Federici’s Caliban & The Witch, I’ve decided to make this episode immediately public.

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You can watch or listen to previous episodes of The Re/al/ign here.

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