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The Re/al/ign, episode 7: With Sarah Lyons

On her excellent book, "How to Study Magic."

In this seventh episode, I spoke with Sarah Lyons, an occult author and practicing witch. Sarah and her writing have appeared in Newsweek, Vice, Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, Bust, and numerous other publications. She is a reoccurring guest on the CW show Mysteries Decoded, and has consulted numerous documentarians and filmmakers over the years. Her first book, Revolutionary Witchcraft was published by Running Press in 2019, and her second book How to Study Magic was published in 2022, also through Running Press.

Sarah’s book is an absolutely excellent, straightforward, erudite and accessible introduction to magic. She’s also a fascinating and deeply interesting person, and this episode was a pleasure to record!

You can find out more about Sarah at her website, and her book can be ordered here.

This episode will release to the public on 1 June, 2023, and you can listen to an audio-only version below:

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