Insights, stories, and essays on politics, culture, and the sacred at the end of empire.

I’m Rhyd Wildermuth, a druid, an autonomous Marxist, and a theorist of the sacred and the political.

From The Forests of Arduinna is where you’ll find most of my writing on the internet. The name of this Substack comes from the place where I live, the Ardennes. Once known as the Arduenna Silva, all these forests were once seen as belonging to, being the home of, and also being the goddess Arduinna. That’s how I see it, still.

I write about paganism, but much of my readership isn’t Pagan. I write about leftism, and again much of my readership isn’t leftist, either. Mostly I write about the sacred, about how our modern politics cannot account for it. I also write about how Woke Ideology and other identitarianisms are symptoms of our alienation from the sacred and also from each other.

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A druid's essays on politics, culture, and the sacred at the end of empire.


Druid, autonomous Marxist, publisher at Gods&Radicals Press