YES. This. All of this. Excellent post.

I also used to be one of The Woke, mistakenly believing it was necessary for LGBT rights. After the BLM riots and hearing reports of men claiming to be trans women to prey on cis women, I started to seriously question wokeism and did some digging. I now understand wokeism does more damage to the cause of civil rights than even right-wing fundamentalism. I've seen cancel culture and deplatforming in action by daring to disagree with the hive mind, and I fear the impending backlash when we've alienated almost all our "allies" and they turn against us because we forgot 1984 is a work of fiction, not a how-to manual. It's also such an obvious grift. "Let's you and him fight" is one of the oldest games in the book, so now we have poor whites, affluent LGB people, blacks, trans people, disabled and fat people screaming over each other about who's most oppressed rather than coming together as the 99% to take on capitalism that keeps us all down.

What's particularly frustrating is I know a number of trans guys over 35 (I'm over 35 myself) who have been seeing the trend of teenage girls deciding they're trans/nb all of a sudden and we find this concerning but you can't say that in LGBT spaces these days without being called truscum and getting dragged and shunned and possibly doxed. (So my friends and I rant to each other privately.) It's totally the Emperor's New Clothes and I hate it so much.

Thank you for speaking out. Thank you so much, it helps to know there's other people who feel this way, that not all the critics of wokeism are conservative but there's some folks (not folx dammit) on the left who are seeing this BS for what it is. Some days I feel like this old guy screaming into the void.

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When the wackadoodle left goes far enough around the bend, it runs smack into the wackadoodle right coming from the other direction. When both of them hate you, you know you've struck the proper balance. 🙂

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