Something on independent, self-sufficient societies, definitely. How they manage to coexist and form societies, wether completely autonomous (an isolated or unconquered people) or dominated by some form of centralised authority or state.

I'm almost certain it will be a theme, as usual, but any depth into the details of how some of these cultures existed for generations, centuries and potentially also millennia would be wicked 🤘🏾

Best wishes.

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Where is the Modern Mystic? Where do we dive into the depths of our own personal Mysticism. The culture speaks. The voices are loud.

Individual aspects within the soul, evolves, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Time is making us try to grasp the death concept through our births.

Mysticism is broad. Death is not. Endings are new beginnings.

Mystic and the book you are birthing.

What death did you experience is a question to ponder. Asking myself right now as I am holding inside the Newness of Creation, not in human form, but Artistic, the Conceptual Artist is birthing the Creative Cards, the notion that we can re-create or take on another concept that has been here for hundreds of years. Researching, Experimenting, Building this before sharing is so personal.

Do we Dare to explore the Unknown of Right Now with the Ancients?

Excited for you in your new venture with words on the books' pages!


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