Excited to hear about that journal invitation!

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That is appalling that the cancel loons are still harassing your publisher. Are you able to comment on what, specifically, in the book, is the focus of their ire? I actually did read the book, although I'm not naive enough to believe that they all did. I think there was at least one point in your comments on gender issues where I had the thought that your viewpoint is not exactly the same as mine, but, even so, I wouldn't go and tattle to your publisher about it. If it was that bad, I would just move on and find someone else's book I liked better.

Or was the problem your comments on Antifa? I find your observation about the black bloc bros abusing their girlfriends totally believable. I'm not close enough to any of them to know firsthand, but I lived in Oregon throughout the riots of 2020. The implication that we just had to take all the violence and destruction because Orange Man Bad made them do it was surprisingly strong. Well, of course, anyone who has ever been in any kind of abusive relationship has absolutely lived the syntax of that sentence.

The culture of Oregon is ripe for that kind of manipulation, though. We make an honorable effort to make things better for people who have been damaged by overly repressive laws or cultural norms in other parts of the country, and it is very hard for us to admit that there are some people for whom we cannot make things better. I hate seeing what is good about us get turned against us by the likes of Antifa. If you're still on a nostalgia kick for the pathologies of the Pacific Northwest, I explore that further in my essay anthology, Impossible Dreams: Hopes, Fears, and Expectations for Saturn in Pisces.

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“because people are really fucking insane”.... something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately and hence worrying maybe it’s actually me that’s fucking gone cuckoo.

How to stay sane in an insane world, well reading the likes of you, Rhyd, and a few others has been really helpful and maybe stopped me from teetering completely off the edge. Sorry can’t subscribe but always appreciate any of the free stuff you put out there, thank you!

Hope the last of the winter greens keeps up for some more weeks. Cheers!

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