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Alley does a great job of putting the ramifications if land loss in a historical context. I learned a lot. Many of my own ancestors, mostly farmers, fled after the 1848 revolutions and settled in what became the Dakotas and Iowa. Displaced people arrived to displace others. In our own time, the primary cannon fodder for our endless wars have come those displaced by land loss, job loss or poverty as the military became a more viable life option. The cycle continues. Thank you for an excellent conversation.

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I listened to this interview and thought much about our position in the modern world standing on all of the previous civilizations before this time. It gave me much to think about. The end of the interview topic of European decedents on North American soil is so true. Our unhappiness, our diseases, our dysfunctional culture is a result of a huge disconnect to our past ancestral ties to our culture and its lands we came from. Fascinating conversation. I just wish we as a collective could change our ways to make up for the destruction we have inflicted to the environment some how and very soon or we will have to suffer even crazier times ahead. It’s probably too late already.

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