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Nice musings! I hope you have a fantastic time of it in Patmos. It's cool to think of you guys all gathering together.

Rhyd, I had thought the "genossen" part of "Weggenossen" meant "enjoyed" rather than "known", coming from the verb "genießen" (to enjoy): is there also an etymological connection with "to know"?

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The idea of exhausting oneself before having to make a major transition is something I've never thought about , but looking into my own life it actually makes a lot of sense! Also cool to learn about the word "weggenossen." The first part of my last name (at least the way my ancestors spelled it when they lived in Europe) used to be "Wegge" so reading about this actually pulled me further down a little path I was going on in terms of exploring things about my own ancestors.

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With my ancestors, I worry about disappointing them more than I feel like rejecting them TBH

So that’s something I need to get over, especially lately

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