I’m a slow reader and I have almost burned up a whole highlighter but I’m on the werewolf chapter now and really enjoying it.

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I preordered my copy of Here Be Monsters back in August--got it in time for my birthday and made some good progress reading aloud with my partner-- and then the little monster in my pfp tore out the back fifty pages of it in a fit of pique over being left home alone for thirty minutes last weekend. Sigh.

What I mean to say is, this Halloween sale is very convenient for me. Re-ordered, and I'll be back on the wagon to continue reading as soon as possible. (Still think you're going to make it to Portland/Seattle this winter?)

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I perused the book, beginning at Chap. 2 and am intruiged. So far the writing is easily read and makes the structual concepts of Maxist anal-ysis a bit more understanable!

I am fascinated by the case of Wi Spa in LA.


Olympus Spa in Lynwood WA recently lost in court re: "...a complaint filed with the Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC) by a Haven Wilvich...". The court held that Olympus Spa must allow pre-op women-identified trans who still have an intact over-sized clitoris-mean a penis. In the WA case, there were no assaults, mostly just TERF-hate languaging- but also some antifa activity.


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