Feb 28 • 1HR 19M

The Re/al/ign, Episode 4: With Anthony Rella

A conversation on the intersections of spirituality and mental health

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Rhyd Wildermuth
A series on returning to the real, re-aligning with nature, and resisting the reign of capital; with Rhyd Wildermuth
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In this fourth episode of The Re/al/ign, I talk with writer, mental health counselor, and spiritual teacher Anthony Rella. We discuss the intersections of mental health and spiritual practice, as well as the problems of alienation and loneliness we confront in our search to satisfy our deep need for belonging.

Anthony’s website, where he publishes occasional essays on these topics and posts links for worshops and courses he offers, is anthonyrella.com.

In addition, he’s published two books with Gods&Radicals Press: Circling the Star and In The Midnight Hour.

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