May 5 • 1HR 12M

The Re/al/ign, episode six: John Michael Greer

A World Full of Gods...

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Rhyd Wildermuth
A series on returning to the real, re-aligning with nature, and resisting the reign of capital; with Rhyd Wildermuth
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In this episode, I spoke with John Michael Greer, probably the most prolific writer on magic, the occult, nature spirituality, and industrial society. He’s also the author of A World Full Of Gods: An Inquiry into Polytheism, which is being re-released this month by Aeon Books.

Long-time readers of either of us will maybe notice something amusing about this discussion, seeing as we have a tiny bit of a history, I guess. This conversation was great, and will especially be fascinating for people curious about polytheism, monotheism, and how belief in a singular god has shaped our modern world.

A World Full Of Gods: An Inquiry into Polytheism, is available from the great folks at Aeon Books. You can also read John Michael Greer’s weekly essays at