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The Mysteria, part three: Spiritus Immundi

The Chthonic King of Christmas

Cold Genius

Episode 2 of The Re/al/ign now public!

The Re/al/ign, Episode 2: With Angie Speaks

The Re/al/ign, episode 2: With Angie Speaks

Garlic Bread of the Revolution

"Something Like" Sex

The Secret of Crossings is released!

Against Crisis, Dream

The Mysteria, part two: "Ave, Regina Caelorum"

The RE/AL/IGN Episode One now public!

Soap Has Always Been With Us, and Longer Still

November Letter from the Forests of Arduinna

The Re/al/ign episode 1: with Gordon White

Episode One: With Gordon White

October at From The Forests of Arduinna

The Mysteria: part one

Announcing: THE RE/AL/IGN

Recipe: Gulab Jamun

October Letter From The Forests of Arduinna

Not Peace, But A Sword

"Why I Am Not A Family Abolitionist"

Identity is How Capitalism Intends to Perpetuate Itself

The Imaginal Gate

Interview on the Thoth-Hermes Podcast

The Werewolf

The Secret of Crossings

September at From The Forests of Arduinna

Maybe, Another Vein

A brief update

The Art of Excess and the Excess of Art

The Cyborg

September letter from The Forests of Arduinna

Soap Has Always Been With Us, and Longer Still

August at From The Forests of Arduinna

On Debt

Choosing To Be Violent

Re-enchanting your life...

The Garments of the Goddesses

Neurodivergence? Or Alienation?

Human Shields and Imagined Communities

"A Good Life"

July from From The Forests of Arduinna

Social Disease

Horror at the Heart Circle

Let's Just Talk About The Weather

Against the Perfect

What Do The Woke Believe?

The Demon and the Genius

Upcoming work and some updates

June at From the Forests of Arduinna

The Sacred and the Symptom

The Mirror in the Abyss

Land: Loss & Reconnection

Digitally Seeking Solace

"It's Your Fault I Am Unhappy"

Much More Violent, Much More Unkind

"So What?"

Permanent Pandemics and American Imperialism

In Defense of Difference

Masses & Murder

Arriving Where We Started

Pagan Re-Enchantment

Moons of Blood and Honey

It's Done

"Sexual Fascism" and the Children's Shops

A bad time to be a "pregnant uterus-haver"

In the Court of the Skeksis

The Woke and the Working Class

Truth in a Forest

Open Thread: Reading Recommendations

Not Everyone Has a Uterus in a Jar

The Contagion of Delight

The Return of a Really Stupid Myth

The Metaphysics of Woke Identity

Pro Patria Mori

After The Great Experiment

Open Manuscript Notes #5

Being Pagan Course Starts Soon

"The Aesthetic of Our Anger"

Notes on Marriage

A note of thanks and a brief update

Black Sun Rising

Druid Journal 53: Buergbrennen

Feeling the Elephant

War and the Hyperreal

Video: Discussion on Being Pagan

Caught Between Failing Empires

The Fog of War

The Haunted Mansion of Modern Freedom

Something More Than Human

History and Repeating Forms

The Seizure of Virtue

For a Good Time...

The Surplus Male Problem

Druid Journal 52

Open Discussion, February

Letter From The Forests of Arduinna

The Poetic Mind

Open Manuscript Notes, #4

Trapped in the Woke Ideal

Professional Middle-Class Cyborgs

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The Unquiet Dead